University of Idaho's Guide For Transfer Students


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Nashville, TN 37203


SEMINAR EXTENSION                      UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO                     Transfer General Education Area(s)

NT 3165 New Testament Srvy Part I......RELS 303 Erly Chrstnty:Text-Tho (LWDV)                                               

OT 3103 Old Testament Srvy Part I......RELS 302 Bibl Judaism:Text-Thot (LWDV)                                               
OT 3104 Old Testament Srvy Part II.....RELS 302 Bibl Judaism:Text-Thot (LWDV)                                               
OT 3105 Old Testament Srvy Part III....RELS 302 Bibl Judaism:Text-Thot (LWDV)