Our Mission

To enhance the security of the global infrastructure.
The primary focus of the Alliance will be on:
        - Research involving security and information assurance issues and policies;
        - Education and training of information assurance professionals at all levels-undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate;
        - Development of new ways to assure the security of information and to assure its delivery;
        - Transfer of new technologies, practices, and policies to
industry and government;
        - Establishment of partnerships with government and industry to promote the above objectives.

Our History

One June 1, 2001, four universities from across the nation, all
of which were designated as National Security Agency (NSA) Centers of Excellence in Information Assurance, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that established the National Alliance for Information Assurance (NAIA). These universities, James Madison University, George Mason University, Idaho State University, and the University of Idaho, came together in a common effort to provide research and education in information assurance and security. In September 2001, Tulsa University, also a designated Center of Excellence, joined the Alliance. The purpose of the agreement, as stated in the MOU, is "to foster mutual cooperation between and among the institutional members in order to promote national education, research, and service in the area of information security and assurance."

Contacting NAIA

Please send e-mail to randl@uidaho.edu if you have questions regarding the activities or status of NAIA. For comments or concerns regarding this website, please address all inquiries to the Webmaster.