Course information for Math 556
Groups and Fields

InstructorJennifer Johnson-Leung
 303 Brink Hall

Class Times
MWF 3:30-4:20, Admin 301
Office Hours TBA
Text Dummit and Foote Abstract Algebra
Other References: Lang Algebra, Serre Linear Representations of Finite Groups.

Course Description
This is the second semester of a year-long course in Algebra with a focus on groups and fields. We will approach the study of algebraic structures using category theory and examine each new topic through that lens. The topics of study will include groups, fields, vector spaces, field extensions, Galois groups, and representations of groups.

Grading Policies:
Homework: Homework exercises will be assigned in class regularly. I am planning on 5 written assignments. Other exercises may be presented orally.l

Exams: There will be one midterm and one final exam. The midterm exam will be given in class. The final will probably be an oral exam.

Collaboration: You are encouraged to collaborate on solving the problems given as homework. However, the solutions should be written on your own and in your own words. There is no collaboration on exams.

Point Distribution:
Homework – 25%
Presentations 25%
Midterm Exam – 20%
Final Exam – 30%

If you have a documented need for accommodations such as extra time on exams, you should discuss this with me as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.