Internet Math Challenge

Deadline for solutions: Friday, 5 December 2003


What better subject for the week following Thanksgiving than LEFTOVERS? This puzzle isn't very hard if you're good at keeping track of information.

The Dunn family had several guests for Thanksgiving weekend. The menu for Thanksgiving dinner included turkey and candied yams (of course!) as well as orange rolls and pie. There was a lot of leftover food (except for the yams -- they disappeared quickly), making for good snacking all weekend. Each of the pies had been cut into six pieces, giving a total number of pie slices equal to the number of orange rolls initially baked by Mrs. Dunn. At Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday everyone ate two orange rolls and one slice of pie each. That night four of the guests left for home, but the next day everyone remaining at the house ate another orange roll and three more slices of pie each. As of Friday night, Mr. Dunn noted that there were still 7 orange rolls and two-thirds of a pie remaining.

Turkey sandwiches were also very popular fare that weekend. On Friday everyone in the house ate an equal number of turkey sandwiches. Two more guests left for home on Friday night. Then on Saturday everyone remaining at the house ate an equal number of turkey sandwiches, though they ate one fewer sandwich per person than they had eaten on Friday. Mr. Dunn calculated that there were eleven more sandwiches eaten on Friday than were eaten on Saturday.

Now, sort through all of that and tell me: how many turkey sandwiches were eaten at the Dunn house on Friday?

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