About the Internet Math Challenge

The Internet Math Challenge began in 1996 as a project undertaken by the Mathematics Department at the University of Idaho. Our goal has always been to Our theory is that students enjoy a challenge, and that they will build excitement for mathematics through working on challenging problems. We think they will also enjoy corresponding with a college math department about their problem solving, so we try to answer every email we receive. We even try to give hints when we can if a student's solution is not correct on the first try. We get to know some of our regular participants pretty well and enjoy lively exchanges with them over their mathematical pursuits.

We originally publicized the contest only to schools in Idaho and eastern Washington, but participation has grown steadily until now we hear regularly from schools all over the country, as well as from many students outside the US.

The UI Mathematics Department has provided operating funds to purchase the T-shirts as prizes and pay for student help in administering the contest. For each of the last five years Micron Technology Foundation has donated equipment or provided funding for other prizes. This year (2002-2003) we are excited to have Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories join us as a sponser as well. We are grateful for the support of these excellent companies.

Thanks to these sponsors for their generous support of the IMC!