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There will be four discussions during the duration of this course.They will take place in the Univeristy of Idaho's virtual campus of Idahonia in Second Life. Please download Second Life and create your account, profile, and build your avatar. Go through the tutorial that will show you how to move through the Second Life world. This application allows me to show video and slides in real time at the same time to all discussion attendees. We will not start Discussions until October. I will hold my office hours in both Skype and Second Life for the two weeks prior to our Second Life discussions for anyone who wishes to meet me in Idahonia and test out their voice or text.

Major companies like Amazon and IBM are using IBM for job fairs, recruiting, and interviewing, as it is more personal than a phone call, but much less expensive than a flight and hotel room.

Please also make sure you have the latest version of Quicktime installed on your personal computer. You will need this to see video within Second Life as it uses the Quicktime drivers to display video.

Second Life is available in the student computing labs on campus as well. If you are having any difficulties please contact me immediately.


U of I Classroom in Second Life

Classroom in the Skydome of Idahonia in Second Life




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