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Welcome to FCS223: Evaluation of Apparel and Textiles! In this course we will cover the textile and apparel development and production process. We review line planning and trend analysis, design and development, sell-in, production and distribution.

Please read and print off a copy of the syllabus and the Blackboard calendar for this course. You are responsible for meeting the due dates for all assignments, assessments, exams, and projects.

This website is the starting point for each chapter. Please come here BEFORE going to Blackboard. Each chapter is supported with lecture slides, web links, documents and image libraries where appropriate, and current apparel industry information to help you relate the content of the course to practical application. The current industry information may be on the exams, so make sure you read it and review the links.

1. Assignments
Each chapter has a 15 point assignment completed through Blackboard.Many of the assignments will use the contents of your own closet. It is important to see yourself as a consumer and assess your buying habits, as well as putting yourself in the shoes of other consumer types.

2. Assessments
Each chapter has a 10 point assessment taken through Blackboard. You have 1 hour to complete the assessment once it is opened. You may retake the assessment up to 3 times with your highest score counting as your grade.

3. Discussions
There are also four Discussions worth 25 points each. All four discussions will use the Second Life application and will take place in real time in the UI's virtual campus of Idahonia. You are expected to create an account through the Second Life website and either download and install the Second Life application or use the Second Life application in the UI's computer labs. Sign-ups for these groups are available on Blackboard. There are guides for using Second Life here. There is always a Discussion Thread open in Blackboard called "Random Thoughts and Suggestions for Lori"... which is just for that. You are welcome to post at anytime.

4. Exams
We will have two Exams- one mid-term and one final exam. They are worth 100 points each and are NOT comprehensive. Exams will be completed in Blackboard. You will have 3 hours to take the exam once it is opened. Exams are only available on the day of the exam.

4. Final Project
There is one Final Project worth 200 points that uses all the information that you learned throughout the course. The Final Project Outline and the template are available under Resources.

Please have a look at the Resources and review the How Grades are Determined link and the How To Use this Course link. These links and this Introduction will give you all the information needed to complete this course successfully. Also there are a few Rules to follow while participating in this course.

Now... a little about me. My name is Lori Wahl and I graduated from the University of Idaho in 1993 with two degrees... one being in Clothing, Textiles, and Design. I live in Portland, OR, and have been working in the apparel industry since 1993. You can read about me here or email me if you have any questions.

EMAIL IS OUR PRIMARY FORM OF COMMUNICATION! Please make sure that your primary email address on file with the U of I is correct, as that is the only address that I have access to.

First Assignment
I would like each of you to send me an email introducing yourself and telling me your major, your year of graduation, and what your career goal is (basically what you want to be when you grow up). If you are an FCS Educator taking this class for certification, please tell me what you hope to learn (or think you might learn) from this class. Also let me know if you use dial-up to access the internet as this may affect your ability to participate in Second Life.
Go to the Second Life website and create your account and log into the Second Life Viewer. If you are using your own computer, you will need to download and install the viewer. It is free. Once you have created your account AND logged into Second Life, include your Second Life name in your email introduction. Please send this introduction to me by 5PM, Friday, January 20, 2012.

Any student is welcome to contact me at anytime during this course or afterwards with questions about the course, the industry, or anything else that is on your mind. Remember that I am here to help you learn.

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