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Cancelling and changing registrations

Login to the registration system to make changes to your registration that do not alter your fees (or follow the link provided in your confirmation e-mail). For registration changes that alter your fees, contact Registration Coordinator Sharnay Brown. A $25 service fee will be charged for each change that results in a refund.

Cancellations made after 1 May 2009 are not eligible for a refund. The University reserves the right to cancel the event if necessary and would issue a full refund.

Please contact Registration Coordinator Sharnay Brown with any questions regarding fees and payment.

Late-Breaking Evolution

Online submission and alteration of talk titles is now closed but, you can still present as part of Late-Breaking Evolution. Simply e-mail late-breaking titles to Olle Pellmyr.

Although there should be space in the schedule for latecomers, and we will strive to place late-submitted talks in suitable sessions, we cannot guarantee placement in the optimal session for late-breaking talks.

What you need to know to register

The registration system will require you to create an individual account, choosing a user name and password as you complete registration. After an account is created, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to be able to log in and amend your registration at a later date. A description of the K-12 education workshop is here.

Rates for conference registration

Your early registration status will be taken into account at the end of the registration process.

If paying by check, please make payable to the University of Idaho Bursar, and mail them to:

University of Idaho
Conference Services
875 Perimeter Dr.

Category Early rate
(by 17 April)
Standard rate
(after 17 April)
Non-member of SSE, SSB, or ASN US$430 US$480
Member of SSE, SSB, or ASN US$330 US$380
Post-doc, non-member of SSE, SSB, or ASN US$375 US$425
Post-doc, member of SSE, SSB, or ASN US$275 US$325
Grad student, non-member of SSE, SSB, or ASN US$345 US$395
Grad student, member of SSE, SSB, or ASN US$245 US$295
Undergraduate student US$210 US$260
Guest registration US$100 US$150

Accommodations and meal plans

For full descriptions of on- and off-campus lodging options and meal plans, see the accommodations page. You'll need to choose whether you're staying on or off campus, for how many nights, and - if requesting a double room or suite - the names of your roommates.

Banquet tickets

Tickets for the final banquet will cost $45, or $35 for students. The menu will consist of a 4oz beef tenderloin, 5oz filet of salmon, garlic mashed potatoes, desert, and a drink; stuffed portabello mushrooms are available as a vegetarian option.

Bus schedule to/from Spokane International Airport

For those traveling through Spokane International Airport, Wheatland Express will provide specially scheduled transportation between the airport and Moscow. Space is limited. Busses will also be available for those arriving at the Pullman/Moscow Airport. Registrants arriving through other airports will need to arrange their own transportation. The schedule for busses to and from Spokane is provided here, and for busses to and from the Pullman/Moscow Airport here.

Laptop registration

In order to use the campus wireless network, you will be asked to provide your laptop's MAC address. Instructions for finding this identifier on a variety of operating systems and hardware types are here.

Conference t-shirts

When you register, don't forget to order your conference t-shirt, printed locally in Moscow in your choice of black or white with a color conference logo.

(Please note that the above images are mockups only.)


Pages are dedicated to descriptions of field trip options and childcare.