Evolution 2009

The Inland Northwest

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Dear members of ASN, SSB and SSE,

We are pleased to announce that the Evolution Tri-Societies Mentoring Program is now up and running in collaboration with MentorNet! This free program is available to ALL members of ASN, SSB and SSE. MentorNet is an award-winning mentoring organization that matches mentors with compatible protégés for an eight-month pairing, which includes weekly or biweekly e-mail discussion prompts to foster supportive mentoring relationships.

We encourage ALL members of the three societies to participate, whether you will be attending the Evolution conference or not. We would like to especially encourage MENTORS to sign up, as the success of this program will largely depend upon having enough mentors to pair with the potentially large number of interested protégés. Interested mentors may sign up here, and interested protégés may sign up here. (Please note that if you are an early-career postdoc or assistant professors, you can be BOTH a protégé (requesting an established scientist mentor) AND a mentor for someone at an earlier career stage; to do this, simply create both a mentor profile and a protégé profile).

When you create a profile in MentorNet's system using the above links, you must specify that you are a member of 'Evolution Tri-Societies (ASN, SSB, SSE)' (one of the MentorNet Affiliated Partners Plus). You will then answer a series of questions regarding your background information AND the type of mentor/protégé match you are looking for. It is very important that you designate that it is an "Absolute Requirement" that your mentor/protégé be a member of 'Evolution Tri-Societies'. This will ensure that members of ASN, SSB and SSE who participate in this mentoring program will only be paired with other members of the three societies.

MentorNet's proprietary software will recommend suitable matches between established scientist mentors and early-career protégés (including undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and assistant professors) from SSB, ASN, and SSE. Those paired mentors and protégés who are also attending the Evolution 2009 meetings in June will have the opportunity to meet one another (and other participants) at a tri-society symposium luncheon at the conference as they begin their eight-month pairing.

Please spread the word about this new free mentoring program, which is yet another benefit to being a member of SSB, ASN or SSE. Encourage your students, postdocs, colleagues, and especially professors to join in, and sign up right now (after all, it is FREE and only takes about 5 minutes).

Thanks, and happy mentoring!
Heidi Meudt & Leah Larkin

Moscow, Idaho
Photo courtesy Alison Meyer.