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June 12-16, 2009
University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho, USA

The Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Idaho is delighted to host “Evolution 2009," the joint annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE), the Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB), and the American Society of Naturalists (ASN). The meeting will be held June 12-16, 2009, on the campus of the University of Idaho.

The Evolution meetings

This meeting is the premier annual opportunity for sharing scientific research related to evolution. Symposia presentations, concurrent contributed papers, and poster sessions will be presented by the 1,200 expected participants. Product and service providers will contribute to the meeting activity through their exhibits. Related activities will include opening and poster receptions, a picnic, and a banquet.

Schedule in brief

When should you plan to travel? The basic meeting schedule will follow that of recent years. For your travel planning purposes, here is a brief summary:

H1N1 flu and Evolution 2009

As organizers of a big gathering with attendees from around the world, we want to assure you that we are following the development of the current flu outbreak, and will take steps as needed in this context. As we write this, emerging data suggest that initial estimates of severity of the novel strain may have been too high, and that its course may be fairly similar to that of other recent strains. For that reason, there are no changes in meeting plans.

Moscow salsify (Tragopogon miscellus), the inspiration for the Evolution 2009 logo.

Moscow, Idaho

The venue of the meeting, Moscow, Idaho, is a western college town situated at the transition between the Northern Rockies and the rolling palouse grasslands of the interior Pacific Northwest. Moscow (pronounced "Mos-coh" by locals) was settled in 1871, and became home to the University of Idaho, Idaho's land-grant university, in 1889. UI and Washington State University (which is only six miles away in the town of Pullman, Washington) form a major center of biological research in the Pacific Northwest. Idaho is the state where protected wildernesses was first created, and within a short drive from Moscow you can enjoy world-class whitewater rafting, fishing, backcountry hiking and mountain climbing; go west and you'll cross the geological marvels of the channelled scablands to reach Washington's premier wine country.

The Evolution 2009 logo is inspired by Moscow's claim to evolutionary fame, Tragopogon miscellus, or Moscow salsify. This unassuming wildflower is a polyploid hybrid of T. dubius and T. pratensis, which arose when the parent species were introduced to the Palouse in the early Twentieth Century, and was first recorded in Moscow by Marion Ownbey in 1950. (See JSTOR for Ownbey's original account.)

We look forward to welcoming you to Evolution 2009 and are eager to answer your questions to make your participation here a productive and memorable experience.